In Pursuit of The Best

Our professed experts supervise the overall production of items like Pearl Ceramic Tiles, Glaze Vitrified Tiles, Wooden Porcelain Tiles, Velvet Ceramic Tiles, etc., from the selection of their raw material till the final packaging & storage. They monitor processes like grinding of the blend, mixing and cooking of tiles. The experts working at our firm take care of the quality control in manufacturing processes from front to end. This is the evidence of our pursuit of the highest standards and quality. 

Why Us?

For the customers who are looking forward to becoming our partners, we assure that:

  • We have 11+ years of industrial experience to fulfill the urgent demands of customers
  • We have 500+ tiles design to match the desired expectations of our customers
  • We have 250+ dealers to manage our operations smoothly across the world
  • We have well-established distribution network in 20+ countries


We have put money to avail latest generation of technology and equipment that are useful for the production of Tiles. We have facilitated ourselves with state-of-the-art presses, glazing production lines, ovens, electronic selection of tiles, automated movement means, digital printing equipment, etc., to produce the best results possible.

Materials And Technology

It is our biggest concern to keep the quality of our offered items like Pearl Ceramic Tiles, Glaze Vitrified Tiles, Wooden Porcelain Tiles, Velvet Ceramic Tiles, Vintage Porcelain Tiles and more top-notch. For this, we procure the finest grade of material that is available in the entire marketplace. And, practice manufacturing strategies that are proven to be most productive, optimum and less time consuming. Through our advanced technology and materials, we are able to make products that are strong, distinctive and fit into contemporary styles.

Design With Nature

Every step taken by our firm is in direction of finding & implementing new solutions for architecture. To make the stoneware that reflects natural beauty, we take inspiration for designing from the nature. The excellent quality that we provide is the result of our passion and determination. Through consistent research & development, we innovate products that can meet customers expectations for contemporary living styles.

Our Love For Simple Things

Built with values like passion, professionalism and top-notch skills, GeoGres is a brand which has made its in reputable name in commercial area through simplicity & ethics in work. Our offered products hold the potential to match the indoor & outdoor requirements of Tiles of customers in international and national marketplace. The collection designed & prepared at our premise have aesthetics inspired by both traditional as well as contemporary ceramics. With this, we are providing solution to all design needs of the customers.


With our irresistible supply of qualitative products like Velvet Ceramic Tiles, Glaze Vitrified Tiles, Vintage Porcelain Tiles, Forest Wood Vitrified Tiles and others, we have established a large clientele network in Indian and foreign markets. We are exporting these product to various places, such as:

  • Britain
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Doha
  • France
  • Kenya
  • Mexico
  • Oman
  • Peru
  • Poland

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Seychelles
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Tanzania
  • UAE
  • Yemen

The Brand

GeoGres is a new frontier of Ceramic Tiles from India. Our brand is recognized for continuously presenting products that create difference in the space. Through our innovation in designing, new-gen technology and deep understanding for customers expectations, we are providing the finest solutions to the customers worldwide at reasonable prices.

We Are Design Scientist

The uniqueness, authenticity and originality in our work is driven by hours of research & experimentation. Our design specialists regularly explore new combinations of patterns, textures and colors to create impressive designs. From the depth in designing to their precise finishing, our served tiles are appreciated by professionals for their many quality attributes.

The Goal

The main goal of our fast thriving enterprise is to be a globally acclaimed, recognized and preferred firm in the construction & architecture sector.


GeoGres is a place where humble objects and materials are transformed into a work of Art. In general, the wall and floor tiles are just rectangular pieces for people that they see at kitchens, halls and bathrooms. But for us, Tile is where Science meets Art. Our mission is to provide a quality of products to our clients that others cannot. 


Being a professional & progressive firm in the business for past 15 years, we have obtained admirable craftsmanship in the designing and manufacturing of Tiles. Each tile served by GeoGres has specific standards in terms of material quality, designs, finishing, etc., that are beyond regular standards. 

Our Units 

  • Unit One: Established in year 2007. It has plant capacity of 15,500 Sq. m. per day. Its size is 40X40|60X60.
  • Unit Two: Established in year 2016. It has plant capacity of 17,500 Sq. m. per day. Its size is 30X45|30X60.
  • Unit Three: Established in year 2018. It has plant capacity of 18,000 Sq. m. per day. Its size is 60X80|60X120|20X120.


We are backed by state-of-the-art technology which is an ultimate advantage for our firm from day one. The technology that we manage are under the names of renowned brand like Sacmi, DLT, System Ceramics, KEDA, Efi Cretaprint, HopeTech, IN.TE.SA and Modena.

Why We Are Different?

Below mentioned factors conclude why we are different from other companies in domain:

  • 800+ Designs
  • 3 Capacious Production Units
  • 175+ Dealers
  • 5 Production Lines
  • 7+ Size
  • 23+ Country Export
  • 15+ Years of Experience

Besides this, we have capacity to produce 17,500 Sq. m. Wall Tiles per day, 15,500 Sq. m. Floor Tiles per day and 18,000 Sq. m. Porcelain Tiles per day.

Corporate History

  • 2000: Started manufacturing of Ceramic pigment
  • 2006: Company Incorporation
  • 2007: Began production line for Floor Tiles
  • 2008: Floor Tiles production expansion
  • 2016: Started Wall Tiles production line
  • 2017: Started Sanitaryware production line
  • 2018: Started Porcelain Tiles production line 
  • 2019: Porcelain Tiles production expansion
  • 2020: Sanitaryware production expansion


Our large variety of Wall & Floor Tiles has enormous demands and uses in below mentioned areas:

  • Indoor Floors
  • Outdoor Floors
  • Exterior Facades
  • Indoor Walls
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Interior Furnishing And Design Elements
  • Bathroom Vanity Tops And Shelves

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